When we were kids, Halloween meant one thing — sweets. And lots of ’em. Not much has changed except that our Halloween treat standards have gotten a bit higher. How could they not, with these delicious, creative DIY ideas we see all over the internet?

Food artist Samantha Lee designs dishes that are so cute, you almost don’t want to eat them. She shows you the process of making these in her Instagram story.

#CarrotCake ???

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This rogue carrot cake is one example of Christine’s expertly designed desserts. Follow her for disturbingly delicious confections this season and beyond.

A feed that’s usually filled with colorful, adorable treats has been taken over by the Halloween spirit! Watch how Chelsey decorates her cupcakes through video posts, or her YouTube channel.

The happiest place on earth is also feeling spooky. Visitors can get this “Snake and Spider Chocolate Goo” until the end of January. Mmmm…

?Halloween skeleton #cakebombs ??☠️ #halloweendessert #boo #halloween #skullcake #skulls #skull

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A Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired cake bombs, you say?! Sweet T’s knows our favorite treats and our favorite movies!

Get caught in this web of sweetness! Lisa’s spiderweb inspired chocolate-covered pretzels look perfect to decorate dessert tables with (and to eat) .

Even a simple dessert like a sugar cookie can be transformed with some creativity (and frosting). Watch how Karyn makes her cookie even sweeter.

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