Looking for that unparalleled feeling of a fresh blowout? No need to fork out $50 – it’s all about the blow dryer nozzle. Whether you have curly hair or you’re trying to achieve a sleek, smooth finish, read on to find out which nozzle you should be using.

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Diffuser nozzle
If you have curly or wavy hair, the diffuser nozzle is perfect for you. Since the diffuser nozzle distributes heat evenly throughout your hair, it helps your curls hold that natural, voluminous texture you so desire. To style, “Hold the blow dryer with the diffuser nozzle vertically with the airflow blowing up,” says Ashley Renee, brand ambassador of Sutra. Section off your hair and move from bottom to top. “Once on the scalp, with all the hair from that section in between the scalp and the diffuser, rotate the blow dryer in circular motions to enhance the curl at your roots and give body.”

Concentrator nozzle
If you’re looking for a sleek and smooth finish, the concentrator nozzle will quickly become your go-to. It directs targeted heat to wherever you position it and is ideal to use in tandem with a brush, according to Renee. After towel drying your hair, place the brush underneath your hair and use the concentrator to direct the airflow parallel to the brush for greater control.

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