We’re constantly told to eat healthily and exercise if we want to lose weight. While there are definitely some benefits to shedding extra pounds, more people are beginning to realize that there’s so much more to being healthy than achieving the ideal body.

Picking up healthy habits can actually enrich your life in a number of other ways. Ahead, we dive into how getting healthy means more than what the number says on the scale.

Sleeping Better
Part of a healthy lifestyle involves getting adequate sleep because the amount of rest we get actually affects other decisions we make throughout the day. “For instance, when we’re tired we tend to make fewer healthy choices throughout the day,” says certified holistic health Jill Ginsberg. “We’re more likely to reach for a quick-fix energy boost, such as a sugar-filled snack or yet another gallon of coffee. We also tend to ditch the workout we had planned.”

Managing Stress
Everyone goes through some amount of stress, but it’s important to find ways to manage it — as stress can affect more than just your mood. Stress can actually mess with your hormones and make it harder for you to lose weight, it can cause sleep problems, it can mess with your ability to focus and concentrate, and it can even kill your sex drive.

Keeping a Healthy Environment
Ask yourself this, are you in a healthy or toxic environment? “This could be toxins (like chemicals you’re exposed to in your environment and your food), but also toxic relationships that are negatively affecting you,” says Dr. Katie Henry PT, DPT, HHC, CYT. “I always do a  seasonal body detox, but I strongly encourage people to do am environmental and social detox.”

Respecting Yourself
Part of being healthy is having a healthy relationship with your mind and your body. “Treat your body with respect and it will thank you,” says Ginsberg. “This means thinking about what you put into and onto your body, as well as taking steps to care for your body so it can perform at its best. Help your body stay healthy by addressing any pains or illnesses you may have. Practice self-care and, if possible, try to establish a regular maintenance program of acupuncture, massage, or some other form of bodywork.”

Feeling Fit
Not only will working out help you shed weight, it can also help you feel strong, fit, and active. “When you tone your body, it can often result in gaining muscle weight, so if you’re so busy focusing on what the scale says, you may be doing your body a disservice,” says Ginsberg. “Instead, focus on increasing your strength and stamina.”

xx, The FabFitFun Team