We just have on word: wow. The last 69 minutes (the longest episode of the series!) of season 6 were jam packed with deaths, alliances, and promotions. Let’s get straight to it.

TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) of the Episode
At King’s Landing, Loras stands trial, confesses all his sins, and declares his life for the faith, meaning he gives up all his titles and lives the rest of his life to defend the Faith. Cersei decides that instead of showing up for her hearing, she’d rather kill everyone involved. As we predicted, she ignites the wildfire cache under the Sept of Baelor and kills all the members of the Faith, Margaery, the High Sparrow, Loras, Lancel, Mace, Maester Pycelle, and Kevan Lannister. Tommen watches the Sept blow up, and commits suicide by jumping out of the Red Keep window (he took the term “King’s Landing” literally). With no more Targaryens or Baratheons left to assume the position, Cersei becomes the queen.

In the North, Littlefinger pledges his allegiance to Sansa, Jon Snow is crowned the King in the North (thanks to our girl Lyanna Mormont), and Arya kills Walder Frey and his sons. Even more interestingly, the theories of Jon’s origins were confirmed! Jon is not actually a Stark bastard, but a Targaryen heir.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenarys breaks up with Daario, commanding him to stay and rule over Meereen. Tyrion offers some of the worst break-up advice ever, but is still appointed to be the official Hand of the Queen. Daenarys, with her new fleet of ships, heads back to Westeros with her dragons, council, allies, and army.

Episode Highlights

  • R + L =J confirmed! Jon is the lovechild of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
  • Lyanna Mormont is season 6 MVP for stealing our hearts, backing up the Starks, and being the best hype man Jon could have asked for.
  • Arya finally returns to Westeros and crosses another name off her hit list: Walder Frey.
  • Cersei uses wildfire to blow up the sept and kill a bunch of named characters (see above).
  • Tommen commits suicide and Cersei becomes Queen.
  • Daenarys finally makes her way back to Westeros.
  • Varys forms an alliance with Dorne and House Tyrell.

Things to Look out for next Season

  • Bran will get back to Castle Black, causing the magic seal to break and the Wall to fall.
  • Khaleesi and her army landing and beginning their conquest of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Another Stark-Lannister war with Jon at the helm, and, possibly, Sansa as his wife. We know this sounds weird, but they’re actually just cousins, which isn’t all that uncommon in Westeros.
  • Winter is here. The Night King and White Walker army will invade Westeros. Daenarys and Jon will join forces to fight them and then take over King’s Landing.

Another season has ended and Game of Thrones season never fails to impress. Now comes the hard part — waiting another year for the next season to premiere.

xx, The FabFitFun Team