Every office has one. That girl who owns an undetermined amount of cats, each named after famous book characters, all adorning her cubicle in tiny little headshot-like photos.

She’s the girl who constantly has a lint roller on her, and talks about her “babies” though she doesn’t have kids. Right now you might be thinking, “Hey, I have a lint roller… And Hermeow’ne Granger’s pic looks perfect on my desk.” In which case, you’re her. You’re the office cat lady.

Here are nine other ways to tell:

When-You-Get-To-WorkYou have so many cats that sometimes they stow away in your bag without you noticing.

When-You're-Trying-To-WorkYou get distracted by kitten videos on the Internet and “cat” seem to get back on track.

I-Hate-That-GirlYour co-workers silently (and not-so-silently) judge you.

Oh-HeyYou regularly FaceTime with your kitties on breaks.

You're-FiredYou asked to take maternity leave when your cat got pregnant.

Cat-FallingAnd you brought all the kittens to the office when she gave birth.

WTFYou regularly have more cat hair on your body than your own hair.

Kitten-JumpingYou think “cat allergies” are a myth.

KittensYou’ve convinced your co-workers to fall in love with cats too.

Tag a cat lady you know and love!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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