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As we count down to the season finale of Game of Thrones, we have a number of theories of how the series could end.

What will happen to the Mad Queen? Where did Arya and her white horse ride off to? Is Jon leaving Dany’s side for good? We’re predicting six possible endings below.

Arya fulfills her “green eyes” prophecy
This is by far the most popular prediction. With Cersei dead, there aren’t many characters with green eyes who can fulfill Arya’s prophecy of killing three different individuals bearing brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes.

Gendry sits on the Iron Throne
By the looks of season eight so far, GoT seems to be reverting back to how the show began. Since Gendry should have taken the throne back in season one instead of Joffrey, fans are speculating that the series will wrap up with the Baratheon lineage back on the throne.

Jon Snow dies (for the second time)
At this point, it’s far too obvious for this fan-favorite character to become the next king of Westeros. In true GoT fashion, many are guessing that he’ll die making the ultimate sacrifice – perhaps taking Dany and Drogon down with him?

Jon is Azor Ahai
Another reason fans think Jon will be the one to kill Dany? The high possibility that Jon is the second coming of Azor Ahai (aka the “prince that was promised”). Will Jon kill his lover (and aunt) to protect the world from “darkness?” Seems plausible to us.

The rise of White Walkers
While the Battle of Winterfell was the longest battle we’ve seen to date, some fans still think the death of the Night King was…well, too easy. The theory? Bran steps in as the new Night King and White Walkers rise again.

There are more dragons
Remember when Drogon went missing in season five? Well, what if Drogon is actually a female dragon and she laid eggs somewhere in Westeros? Yep, just let that sink in.

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