It’s no surprise that winter travel takes a toll on your body. Your skin gets dry, your hair gets flat, and you’re bound to get a headache along the way.

But whether you’re traveling near or far, by plane or car, there are tons of ways to ease the pain of long travel days. We asked beauty experts to share their best tips and tricks on how to make winter travel as easy as 1-2-3.

Hydrate your skin
“Traveling, especially by airplane, which tends to have low humidity rates, can leech moisture from your body. The key to keeping your skin hydrated during your winter travels is creating a protective barrier to moist, hydrated skin,” says Lina Dickinson, owner of Mer-Sea & Co. Prior to hopping in the car or heading to the airport, lather on the Anthropologie x Mer-Sea & Co. Sea Whip Body Cream in “Coconut Sugar.” This will keep your skin hydrated and nourished during the duration of your travels.

Stress less (the natural way!)
Keep the WAY OF WILL Elevate Essential Oil Set in your purse for easy access! The Sweet Orange Oil is often used on the temples or stomach for cramps and headaches, while the Eucalyptus Oil can be applied topically to sore muscles and can be beneficial for cold and flu symptoms. “It’s also refreshing to use during flights as the air in the cabin can be stale and unpleasant,” says Jean Liao, Way of Will Director of Product Development.

Freshen up your travel hair
“Application is the key to achieving great results with the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. Prior to the flight, spray lightly into the roots and lightly massage into the scalp,” says Christian Ceja-Compin, Oribe Educator. Once you arrive at your destination, spritz your roots once more. This will absorb the oil and impurities you collected along the way and give your hair an instant “fresh from the salon” look.

Keep your feet cozy
Over-the-knee socks are a winter travel necessity, especially the Richer Poorer Reina Over the Knee Textured Sock. Whether you’re spending a week at a snowy destination or you’re prone to getting super cold on flights, the cozy socks are bound to make any winter moment more enjoyable. Allie Greenberg, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at Richer Poorer knows that “a marled over-the-knee sock is exactly what you need in your carry-on. It’ll keep you cozy and happy.”

Refresh tired eyes
Nobody wants to get off the plane with bags under their eyes. The secret to combating dark circles? Apply the BLAQ HydroGel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid underneath your in-flight sleep mask to work its magic while you get your beauty sleep during the flight. Another tip? Once you reach your destination, pop these bad boys in the fridge! The chilled eye masks will feel nice in a warm room and will help de-puff the sensitive area.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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