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Sleepless nights, constant cleanups, crying kids – we can all agree that mom life isn’t always the most glamorous life, so why not get a good laugh while you’re at it?

That’s exactly what fellow moms Haely White and Samantha Gutstadt set out to do when they founded Don’t Call Me Mommy. Through their seasoned backgrounds in advertising, sketch comedy, video production, editorial, and social media, they create comedy about #momlife (like poking fun at what’s really in a mom’s purse) to perk up any mom’s day with a bit of lighthearted humor. And, oh boy, is it funny!

We partnered with the mommy duo to create exclusive (not to mention hilarious) sketches about some of the Winter Box products. Watch it now on FabFitFunTV!


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What is the best comedic inspiration in your life?
White: It’s a culmination of several things: People who take themselves too seriously, Lucille Ball, sketch shows like Key and Peele or Inside Amy Schumer, anything Fred Armisen or Kate McKinnon touches, classic female-driven comedies like Bridesmaids, Mean Girls, and Clueless, – oh, and parenting, the ultimate equalizer. Nothing is funnier than the rawness of scooping a turd from the tub.

Gutstadt: Actors I idolize like Amy Schumer, Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, Christmas Vacation (a movie that will always make laugh), anything Sacha Baron Cohen touches, my kids, motherhood, life, and (most) Saturday Night Live seasons.

Do your kids think you’re funny?
White: Yes, but let me contextualize that by saying he’s two years old and he laughs when I burp. He also loves my voices, but after doing a Grinch impression last night for the 400th time, maybe it’s better if he doesn’t think I’m funny. I’m exhausted.

Gutstadt: My kids do think I am funny. But they also ask me to sing songs to them every night (Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber, etc.) and they tell me I’m the best singer, which I know is not true, so…

What challenges have you faced as a woman and/or mother in comedy? How did you overcome the adversities?
White: I refused to let motherhood stop me, and it ended up being a huge turning point in my career. It allowed me to find a voice, creating content for parents (Don’t Call Me Mommy), and through sharing our stories, it helped me feel less alone. We also hosted an incredible event this year with Savoir Collab (Postpartum on the Real) and I realized that motherhood was the greatest gift to connect with women in a new way. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Gutstadt: I called my agent when my first son was three months old and said, “OK, I feel ready to get back out there.” I actually think motherhood has catapulted me into this whole other chapter of my career. I became a digital influencer in the mom space after having my second kid and was cast on a show around the same time. I started writing more, and Haely and I created our first series, which is about motherhood and all the comedy that surrounds it. I love that Haely and I are forging an unchartered path and we are excited to continue to evolve with our audience.

Any advice for women who are interested in beginning a career in the content creation space?
White: Start by watching what you like. Study it. Examine it. What parts of it do you like and why? How can you do your version of that? Great artists steal! And then start creating. If you only have a phone, get a ring light and a tripod. You can start making your own videos with that alone and post on your channels. The other thing is collaboration. I have always loved working with a partner — it makes things more fun and is also a great way to hold you accountable. One more thing: don’t let perfection get in the way of good. Just keep doing it. By executing you’ll quickly refine your process. “Progress, not perfection” is a mantra that’s helped a lot.

Gutstadt: My biggest piece of advice is that you don’t have to wait for permission to be creative! Be strategic about it. Look at what others are doing, take elements of the things you like, but stay in your own lane. Keep forging on and don’t be afraid to fail or fall. Those are the best lessons of all.

xx, The FabFitFun Team