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Buying a tampon is a luxury (yes, a luxury).

And it’s a luxury 18-year-old Nadya Okamoto understands. Having once been homeless herself, Okamoto wanted feminine hygiene products to be more accessible to those in need.

That’s when she founded Camions of Care, a nonprofit that celebrates menstrual hygiene and collects funds and products in order to send care packages to local shelters. Each care package includes nine tampons, four maxi pads, and five panty liners.

The Portland native began by delivering the products she collected to shelters herself, but Okamoto now works with about 40 difference high schools and universities that collect and distribute feminine hygiene products in over 17 states.

She hopes to expand Camions of Care and make feminine hygiene products a right, not a privilege.

You can get involved and learn more at camionsofcare.org.

xx, The FabFitFun Team