Whether you hit a plateau on your fitness goals or want to squeeze in a short yet effective workout sesh in your living room, body sliders are Brooke Burke’s secret to taking her routines to the next level.

“[The Brooke Burke Body Sliders] are easy to use anywhere and what I love most is that you can get these workouts done in the privacy of your living room. The moves are dynamic with just the right amount of challenge so you’re working multiple body parts, which means quicker results in less time,” says Burke.

Try one of Burke’s exclusive FabFitFunTV workouts below. Trust us, this is going to be one of those “Brooke Burke bought body sliders, so I bought body sliders too” moments.

5-Minute Warmup

The warmup is just as important as the cooldown. Burke proves that it only takes five minutes to rev up your heart and muscles to prep yourself for a killer workout.

Total Body: Low Impact

Go easy on your joints! This may be a low-impact routine, but it delivers high-impact results.

Leg Burn

Your quads are one of the biggest muscles in your body. Use the Brooke Burke Body Sliders in this thigh-trimming, core-balancing routine.

6 Sexy Abs

One set of Brooke Burke Body Sliders, six moves – your abs are definitely in for a treat.

Core Sliders Workout

It all starts with a strong core. Challenge yourself to this intense core-strengthening workout – all you need are the body sliders!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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