Thankfully, body positivity is no longer a fringe movement. Plenty of celebs have been speaking out about the importance of loving your body, no matter the shape or size. Many have also shared that just like the rest of us, they’ve struggled (or still are) to reach that point of confidence.

So here are some of the realest and most inspiring things celebs have said about body positivity.

“Since websites and magazines love to share ‘celeb flaws’ — well I have them! My body has given me the greatest gift of my life: Luca, five years ago. I’m turning 30 in September and my body is healthy and gets me where I need to go. Ladies, let’s be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed.” – Hilary Duff

“I’m actually heavier than I was three years ago, but I accept my body as it is today. I work out, not to lose weight, but to maintain my good health. And anyway, if I did want to lose weight, it would be no one’s decision but my own.” – Ashley Graham

“Sometimes when I’m having bad body image issue days, I remind myself that I’d rather live in freedom from my eating disorder than worry about what people think about my body. I am more than a number and a jean size.” – Demi Lovato

“Shoutout to all the boys from fifth to ninth grade who made fun of me for being ‘too strong.’ Thanks for forcing me to learn to love myself and my body. My muscular arms that were considered weird and gross when I was younger have made me one of the best gymnasts on the planet. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn’t look. There is no such thing as a perfect body type.” – Aly Raisman

“I spent so many years loving my body but thinking it wasn’t lovable by others — its sole purpose was to be fodder for jokes. I performed the insult so no one else could. I don’t regret any of it — that’s my art and that was my truth — but now, at age 31, having been through hell and back with my health and other people’s perceptions of my physicality, I feel deeply comfortable with the idea that this pear-shaped pot of honey is equally good for making people laugh and laying out like a Suicide Girl circa 2004. Love it all.” – Lena Dunham

“What I love most about being in recovery is that my body is my business and no one else’s — and I f*cking love it…most days (some days, I don’t). But the beauty is that my body does not determine my worth anymore. I’m a f*cking magic force to be reckoned with.” –Kesha

“I am strong and proud of how I live my life and say what I mean and fight for what I believe in. I have a blast doing it with the people I love. Where’s the shame? It’s not there; it’s an illusion. When I look in the mirror, I know who I am. I’m a great friend, sister, daughter, and girlfriend. I’m a badass comic headlining arenas all over the world and making TV shows, filming movies, and writing books where I lay it all out there and I’m fearless like you can be. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support, and again, my deepest sympathy goes out to the trolls who are in more pain than we will ever understand. I want to thank them for making it so evident that I am a great choice. It’s that kind of response that lets you know something’s wrong with our culture and we all need to work together to change it. Anyone who has ever been bullied or felt bad about yourself, I am out there fighting for you, for us. And I want you to fight for yourself, too! We need to laugh at the haters and sympathize with them. They can scream as loud as they want. We can’t hear them because we are getting sh*t done. I am proud to lead by example. ‘I say if I’m beautiful, I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story. I will.'” – Amy Schumer

xx, The FabFitFun Team