Watermelon is the best fruit to sip or munch on during the hot summer months. We love that it’s juicy, subtly sweet, and healthy, too!

Beaming, one of our fave superfood shops, definitely knows how to make a mean watermelon drink. They combined watermelon with mint and cucumber juice to create an amalgam of refreshing goodness!

Whip up this drink for your upcoming pool parties or for a girls’ night in — we’re sure it won’t disappoint.

Watermelon Mint Cooler RECIPE COURTESY OF  beaming

Makes 16 ounce servings
13 ounce cold pressed watermelon juice
3.5 ounces cold pressed cucumber juice
0.5 ounces cold pressed lime juice
1 teaspoon Maqui fruit
10 mint sprigs

1. Combine mint and Maqui fruit in blender on low pulse.
2. Add cold pressed juices and mix well.
3. Serve with ice.

xx, The FabFitFun Team