Amazon is a goldmine for all things beauty, books and tech, but it’s also home to many more products, some of which we had absolutely no idea we could order from the e-commerce site. Chrissy Teigen shared on Twitter that she actually gets her toilet paper from the site, while blogger Lauryn Evarts just posted about a chic new pair of eyeglasses from the site, but we’re breaking down a few more products you never knew you could buy from the site with just the click of a button.

812-sZ4Ge2L._SL1500_Alternative Imagination Sage Smudge Sticks $8.25 
Moving into a new place? Or do you need to clear out bad energy from your current home? Time to get your sage on. Burn the tips and sage your entire home for good vibes all around.

41MFwMUEP1LRaw Manuka Honey $21
This product has been so trendy in the beauty and health world as it can help with anything from acne to sore throats. We first learned of it via Kourtney Kardashian, and yes, this stuff can cost you a pretty penny but Amazon offers less expensive versions — this one is currently in our cart.

Bubble Calendar $18.89
We are obsessed with this bubble calendar. It’s beyond satisfying to pop these little bubbles every single morning as we start our day. And it doesn’t look half bad hanging on the wall either! In fact…we kind of love it.

81Ozv0d-nyL._SL1500_Avocado Slicer $9.95
Did this just become a thing or have we been missing out? An avocado slicer is a genius kitchen gadget and we can’t believe we haven’t been using this. Amazon wins again!

61X9fbrpCgL._SL1000_Diamond Ice Cube Tray $5.15 
Throwing a party with your girlfriends anytime soon? If so, we highly suggest you invest in this ice tray that will give you diamond-shaped ice cubes for every elegant, or not-so-elegant, occasion! After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

91XtvngjNKL._SL1500_Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets $14.99
Do you love sour foods and candies, but just can’t handle the tanginess sometimes? These tablets are a major breakthrough as they turn sour things to a sweet flavor! Pop one into your mouth, then enjoy sour foods as if they were dessert. Bon appétit!

61EKRoWP7iL._SL1500_Jumbo Toy Hammock $10.63
How useful is this hammock? If you’re tired of putting your kid’s toys away neatly in their place time and time again, the toy hammock will be your saving grace. Or you can throw your clothes on top because what’s a girl to do with a messy floor?

914GPHPHh6L._SL1500_Bag Balm $7.50
We’re pretty shocked to have just found out about this, as we’ve been longtime bag balm fans for years. It does everything like moisturize lips and cuticles, soothe cuts and scratches, and it’s just a great product for your hands overall. No more endless searches at drugstores for this product!

What are your favorite Amazon buys? Fill us in!

xx, The FabFitFun Team