According to the Department of Transportation, Americans more than double their long-distance trips during the holiday season That’s right: ‘tis the season of shared armrests and crazy long lines at security.

But while the journey might be a headache, there’s no need to be a total Grinch about it. Read on for our tips on polite airplane behavior — and hey, you might just wind up on Santa’s “nice” list after all.

Be nimble. Flight politeness actually begins before boarding…during security. Avoid holding up the line by making sure you’ve got quick access to your laptop, you’re wearing shoes that slide off easily, and have your ID and boarding pass handy. Always in a rush? Consider enrolling in TSA Pre Check — the five-year membership might be worth the $85.

Help others. While stowing your bag in the overhead bin, offer to help the person behind you as well. Not only are you accumulating good karma, but you’re also keeping things moving along.

Convo 101. If you want to avoid forced small talk (there will be plenty of that during holiday parties!), put your headphones on immediately after you sit down. It sends a pretty clear “leave me alone” message, but saves the headache of full-on confrontation.

Snack smart. Bringing food on board? Remember that smells travel quickly in confined spaces, so that tuna-pickle-egg sandwich might not be the best idea.

Look before you lie. Before reclining your seat, make sure the passenger behind you isn’t leaning forward or using his tray for food and beverages. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will also hopefully prevent your neighbor from spitefully kicking your seat.

Catch some conscientious ZZZs. Planning to pass out? Avoid drooling all over your neighbor’s shoulder by using a travel pillow, which allows for plushy restraint.

Unloading. So many of us whip out our phones or lunge for the exit immediately after landing, but be respectful of others. Allow those in front of you to disembark first, and wait till you’ve stepped off the plane to dial your ride.

And remember, no matter how groggy you are, always thank the flight attendants on your way out!

xx, The FabFitFun Team