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As we throw on our crewnecks, pull up our blankets, and settle in for a season of crisp breezes, football evenings, and family dinners, it’s good to have the meals to match. When soup gets a little old and the oven feels like a task, try making one of these 10 air fryer recipes to cozy up on chilly days.

Savory Puff Pastry with Tandoori Vegetable Curry

Bring the warmth of Indian cuisine to your kitchen with these gorgeous puff pastries filled with vegetarian curry.

Sweet & Spicy Air Fryer Cauliflower

Maple syrup meets its match with spicy sriracha in this warm air-fried dish. Pass the cauliflower, please.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings and Sweet Potato Waffles

A little bit of chicken fried, warm waffles on a Friday night — this is a fall ode to Southern cooking and the Zac Brown Band.

Air Fryer Crab Cakes

According to Melissa Macher, a registered dietitian and creator of this recipe, “Fall is prime shellfish season.” Below deck vibes and fall hors d’oeuvres? Yes, please.

Air Fryer Carrots with Parmesan and Dill

Be the highlight of Friendsgiving with this classy take on our favorite orange veggie. Honestly, parmesan makes everything better.

Air Fryer Butternut Squash

Not to be outdone, this butternut squash brings the sweetness of maple syrup and a hint of pumpkin pie for a sweet take on a vegetable side dish.

Air Fryer Calamari

This mouthwatering calamari recipe uses mini salted pretzels for an extra kick of flavor and texture.

Leftover Buffalo Turkey Meatballs

Keep your protein lean, your heat high, and your food waste low with these spicy meatballs.

Air Fryer Falafel

Love the finger foods but prefer plant protein? Whip up these vegan favorites to serve as an appetizer, salad topper, or throw it in a pita with a little tzatziki to punch up the flavor.

Easy Air Fryer Salmon

Just when you thought baked salmon would take the cake, this air fryer recipe for the fish favorite will make you think twice.

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