Andrea's Choice

Are you self-conscious about your blackheads? Do you hate packing for travel? Are you ballin’ on a budget in a world where everything seems to cost an arm and a leg?!

No worries – these ladies got your back. They’re dedicated to making your life easier with their useful tips and tricks on everything from fashion and beauty to health and relationships.

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Jennifer Chiu
This Vancouver-based YouTuber’s “Chiu Tips” focus on beauty, health, lifestyle, and food. She asks (and answers) the real questions — like how to make your boobs look bigger, or get rid of bad breath instantly.

Kassinka is ultimate #hairgoals. Her long, thick, ever-color-changing mane (with or without or extensions) is not only beautiful, it’s the most perfect prop to teach us how to achieve those enviable hairstyles. Her tutorials are easy to follow, as she talks us through each step in real time.

Andrea’s Choice
This California beauty has been a longtime fave of ours. See for yourself – her energy is hard to resist! Her videos feel like you’re chatting with your BFF about all things beauty and lifestyle.

Cheap to Chic
Tracy and Stefanie of Eleventh Gorgeous have so many hacks that they had to make an entirely new account just for them! This channel focuses on budget-friendly tricks to live a glam life without breaking the bank.

Tina Yong
This Aussie beauty is a fearless investigator when it comes to beauty – her “Tina Tries It” series features eccentric products with lofty claims. Do they work? Watch and learn!

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