Whether you love to workout or absolutely dread it, we all know it has to get done. However, there’s one excuse that often stands in the way of scoring the strong and fit body you have been dreaming of… Money! It ranks high on the list when it comes to the top reasons why people often fail at committing to their workout regime.

No time like the present to tackle this problem head on and jumpstart your workout routine into high gear. Below you will find a few workout moves that not only can be done at home, but also can be performed using items you already have around the house.

Kimmie Planks

Straight Arm Side Plank with Weighted Arm Raise
If you really want to target your oblique muscles and challenge your core in a unique way then this move is for you. Grab an 8 ounce or 1 liter water bottle depending on your strength level and preference. While holding the water bottle in your left hand get into a straight arm side plank position on the right side. Make sure your bottom arm is aligned with the right shoulder. Keep the left shoulder back while holding the bottle firmly at your side. Your legs should be straight and either staggered or stacked. (Beginners can modify this move by keeping the bottom leg on the floor bent on one knee and the top leg straight.)

Once you are comfortable in starting position slowly raise the left arm while securely holding the water bottle in the left hand. Make sure not to hyperextend the left arm; your body should look like the letter “T” keeping both arms aligned with one another. Slowly lower your left arm to starting position (that counts as one rep).

How many reps?: 8-12 on each side

Kimmie Plank 2

Floor Knee Tucks
This move is excellent for adding a bit of variety to your core workouts. All you need is two paper plates and a carpeted surface. (If you have a smooth surface in your house try this same move with a towel!) Start by getting on all fours on the floor. Carefully place the plates or towel under your feet. Once you are comfortably situated slowly raise your knees off the ground pushing your feet back until you are in plank position. Pull both feet back in towards your chest into a tuck position then back out (this counts as one rep).

How many reps?: 15

Standing Hip Abduction Leg Raise

If you are looking for a move to target your legs and butt, try this exercise! The workout concentrates on a number of muscles in the lower body including the gluteus maximus, adductor magnus and rectus femoris just to name a few. So next time you are having a Netflix binge session try this move instead of just sitting on the couch.

In one hand you can use a Swiffer (or broom) to help stabilize the body. Make sure the Swiffer is not placed too close or too far from your body. Placing the opposite hand on your hip raise your leg on that same side no higher than hip level. Make sure the toes are facing forward and you are not putting too much of your body weight on the Swiffer; it is there to guide you not support you. With control, lower the working leg back down to starting position (this counts as one rep).

How many reps?: 8-12 reps on each side.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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