From contouring to the “no makeup” makeup look, we all partake in trends that make us feel more confident or help us embrace our natural beauty.

Regardless of how we do our makeup, though, no one should ever make you feel bad for doing what makes you feel good — and Winnie Harlow wholeheartedly agrees.

The model recently shared an Instagram post (originally posted by @khloedosh). In the video, Khloe Dosh reads a poem about a woman with vitiligo and the beauty of how makeup can transform a person.

In Harlow’s repost of the timelapse clip, she points out there’s nothing wrong with “people covering their pimples or vitiligo freckles” if that’s what makes them happy. As someone with vitiligo, she says, “we all have insecurities, we are different, and yet so much alike. Sometimes people write things that can make you think ‘Am I a bad person then?’ ‘Am I ugly?’ ‘Am I a bitch?’…but in all seriousness, we are all human.”

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t just stand for being confident. I also stand for doing what makes you happy. ?? Thank you @khloedosh for taking the time to so eloquently put a poem together that not only fits the effortlessly beautiful woman in this video @carlene_aj , but I’m sure fits Everyone enjoying this now ❤❤❤ I get so many people reaching out saying “people covering their pimples, vitiligo freckles etc. they need to be more confident like you”. But why shame someone for what makes them happy? But IT’S NOT just about “Vitiligo”!!!!!!!!!! We live in a time of social media, where everyone with a keyboard thinks they have the right to a negative opinion or to judge each other when really the best use of our platforms are empathy, understanding & support. We all have insecurities, and we are different and yet so much alike. Sometimes people write things that can make you think “Am I a bad person then?”, “Am I ugly?”, “Am I a bitch?” (Bitch I might be?). Lol but in all seriousness, WE are all human. I don’t want to look like anyone other than myself, and neither should you. The key is moving forward in positivity. Negative words are a bag of bricks you’re carrying on your way to your personal success or goals. Those bricks will always be there, so you can choose to let them weigh you down, or use them to build your foundation. And remember why you do the things that people send you negativity for. If it’s because the things you do and say bring positivity into your life let that positivity outweigh the negativity that will undoubtedly come. If what people bring negativity to you for was a mistake on your behalf, apologize genuinely and move forward in positivity. Don’t allow Anyone to chain you to negativity. You know yourself and God knows your heart. That’s all that matters! ????????

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Thank you, Winnie, for keepin’ it real.

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