We all live for a good hair day, as a fresh chop and a glossy new color can make us feel like a million bucks.

However, while a day at the salon is relaxing for us, expert stylists suggest there’s important salon etiquette worth keeping in mind before you head to the salon.

Five colorists and stylists share eight major salon no-nos below.

Don’t be late
This one’s pretty standard. “Try to get to the salon at least five minutes before your appointment,” says Eliut Rivera, owner of Eliut Salon in New York City. Being late can push the whole day back for other clients, he explains.

Don’t be rude
“Try to keep a positive attitude,” says Rivera. When clients are rude to stylists, staff, and other clients, it can set a tone for the whole day, he warns.

Don’t rush your stylist
“Don’t rush your stylist while he or she is cutting your hair,” Rivera suggests. If you want a good cut, he stresses the importance of letting your stylist let do their job with an adequate amount of time.

Don’t bring pungent food to the salon
“Please don’t bring strong smelling food to your hair appointment,” says Damien Baccaro, hairdresser and colorist at Salon Passione in Pasadena, California. Not only is it offensive to your stylist, he explains, but it also makes doing hair a lot more difficult, especially since your head is moving.

Don’t question the skillset of your stylist
“Don’t ask your stylist if they are sure that’s the right color,” suggests celebrity stylist Karen Wallington. “You wouldn’t ask the plumber if he’s sure he has the right size wrench,” she says.

Don’t take off your shoes
We know how tempting it is to get comfortable during a long hair appointment, but stylist and colorist Fae Norris says, “Please don’t take off your shoes.” At the end of the day, a salon is still a professional working environment, he explains.

Don’t ask for a discount
“While haggling over prices might work at a flea market, it’s not cool in any way to take that route in a salon,” says Norris. Instead, he suggests sharing your budget with your stylist, and the two of you can work from there.

Don’t make phone calls while your stylist is working
“Most stylists don’t mind and even appreciate some light conversation, but they do need to concentrate,” Norris suggests. Try to limit your phone conversations to before or after the appointment.

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