In our opinion, there’s hardly anything more exciting than seeing which faves have been added to the reFills fam. Whether you’re subscribing to your can’t-live-without product, or trying something new that you’ve had your eye on for a while, our reFills program is the best way to take care of yourself season after season.  

Don’t forget that reFills will not only be available to add to your box during Customization, you’ll also find them in the Add-Ons Sale in the “Subscriptions” tab! And with new selections like these, you’ll definitely want to be first in line to sign up for your faves.

Take a scroll and check out the new reFills below!

Lujo Bar Lavender Shower Steamers (4 Pack)

We’re adding a little variety when it comes to this reFills fave. Now you can choose between eucalyptus and lavender variations of the Lujo Bar Shower Steamers (or subscribe to both!) The eucalyptus steamers open the senses, soothe the mind, and promote the release of tension and stress. The lavender shower steamers are all about promoting relaxation before drifting off into dreamland. For your mind, body, and spirit, these shower steamers are specially designed to make aromatherapy part of your every day. They’re activated by water and diffuse into the shower’s steam, creating unique sensory experiences with their menthol and essential oils blend.

Waterdrop Microdrink Vitamin Hydration Cubes in Youth or Flair

We’ve finally figured out how we’re going to get and stay hydrated season after season. This Waterdrop reFill leaves no room for excuses when it comes to getting in your daily water requirement, since it won’t just taste like plain old water! The Youth hydration cubes add essential vitamins like C/B3/B7 to your water in a delicious peach flavor infused with ginseng extract and mild ginger. The Flair cubes upgrade your water with vitamins C/E/B8 with a taste of floral elderflower, subtle lime, and ripe raspberry. Both cubes are sugar free, and made with natural fruit and plant extracts!


Grown Alchemist Purifying Body Exfoliant

Healthy, beautiful skin is always in season, and that’s why this skincare savior is now in reFills! This exfoliator contains Guarana Seed Extract, Kaolin Clay and Inca Inchi Seed Oil – a true triple threat that targets and rejuvenates dull skin and dead skin cells for healthier, happier skin.

TULA Skincare® 24/7 Moisture Intense Ultra Hydrating Day & Night Cream

We couldn’t be more excited about this spring fave joining the reFills fam! This ultimate moisturizer delivers 24/7 hydration, so you can feel your best any time of day or night! The rich, non-greasy formula features the MoistureLock Pressed Oil Blend of camellia seeds and argan oils, ensuring dry skin is never part of the equation.

AG Hair CLOUD Air Light Volumizing Mousse

Get instant shine and volume, and none of the frizz with this must-have haircare product that you’ll be happy to receive season after season! This plant-based mousse contains natural corn starch and sugar cane extract in a lightweight yet super effective formula.

Earth Harbor Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Cream

We know you’re happy to see this product in reFills! This eye cream is inspired by the blue-green crystal, known for strength and healing. Seaweed collagen, powerful blue tansy, and antioxidants work together in this magic formula designed to brighten, hydrate, and awaken the eye area, leaving behind firmer skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and sun damage.

NUDESTIX Nudeskin Hydra-Peptide Lip Butter in Clear Gloss

Another spring fave is back. The NUDESTIX Nudeskin Hydra-Peptide Lip Butter in Clear Gloss works its magic for super soft and nourished lips. This glossy lip balm is formulated with natural avocado and shea butters to keep lips ultra-hydrated. The two percent Tripeptide complex plumps, nourishes, and hydrates the lips for the perfect pout every time.

Daily Concepts Bundle 

This bundle provides essential self-care products that you’ll be happy to have season after season! The Daily Concepts exfoliating mitt reveals smooth skin that you can see and feel almost instantly. It deeply exfoliates dead skin cells away while improving the skin’s overall texture, reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs, bumpy skin, and acne. Next up we have the Daily Stretch Wash Cloth, ideal for full-body exfoliation, as it stretches up to 3 times its original size and helps with hard-to-reach areas. The bundle also includes the Mesh Sponge, complete with subtle notes of lavender and vanilla, creating a luxurious lather with just a small amount of your soap or body wash.

Topicals Slather Slather Body Serum

Reveal smooth, gorgeous skin just in time for summer. This exfoliating serum waves goodbye to dead skin and clogged pores, and welcomes in soft, hydrated skin thanks to key ingredients such as retinol, squalane, and AHAs. Use this body serum to reduce the appearance of KP and visible rough and dry patches.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

This award-winning cream is ultra-light while providing powerful hydration and moisture to dry skin. Marine and plant actives reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping skin look firmer and more rejuvenated.

FabFitFun Surprise Hair Accessory

Add another haircare essential to your list of reFills, and enjoy a surprise hair accessory each season that ships automatically with your box!

FabFitFun Pet Duo (S/M or L/XL) Hot Sauce & Hot Dawg

Now your pup can feel included in all your summer BBQs (and your FabFitFun unboxing) with their own hot dawg and pup sauce toys.

FabFitFun Fur Baby Bundle (S/M or L/XL)

Now your pup can feel included in all your summer BBQs (and your FabFitFun unboxing) with their own hot dawg and pup sauce toys. Plus, with the Fur Baby Bundle, your pup will get new special toys + treats each season!


Plus, check out these other reFills:

Natura Brasil Castanha Nourishing Hand Cream

Another Winter Box fave, this is a must-have hand cream that protects your skin from harsh elements. This hand cream combats dryness with its nourishing blend of castanha oil and murumuru butter. Skin stays moisturized for up to 24 hours, and its natural moisture barrier is strengthened.


Surprise Lip Gloss

Add another makeup essential to your list of reFills subscriptions, and enjoy a surprise lip gloss each season that ships automatically with your box!


Looks can be deceiving, and silky strands that emerge after using this product are as strong as they are soft. Now you can guarantee that your hair will be at its best season after season. The light, liquid formula utilizes patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology that instantly protects and shields hair from pollution, while reducing tangles and adding shine.


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xx, The FabFitFun Team