Halloween falls on a Monday this year, making it the perfect excuse to cozy up with spooky classics while waiting for those adorable trick-or-treaters.

We’ve queued up our fave picks of the season — there’s one for every level of fright, whether you’re home alone or on having a date night. Grab the candy stash, pop some corn, and get ready to #NetflixandThrill.

14556712_1110995722287761_2649499782340701882_oGhostbusters (2016)
Who you gonna call? Maybe one of the female leads in this summer’s classic revamp! It’s slated for home release just in time to celebrate total ghoul (er, girl) power.

11700558_889965677744014_8444769306114437711_oThe Craft (1996)
Before there was Mean Girls, there was The Craft, a film about new kid Sarah who uses telekinetic powers to boost her coven clique’s status — until things quickly spiral out of her control.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 2.43.33 PMHalloweentown (1998)
Anyone who grew up watching Disney Channel will remember this campy gem about a pre-teen who, under the mischievous tutelage of her grandma, finds out she’s a witch and must use her newly begotten powers to save a supernatural town.

10264422_1029219673762739_3463190757865554684_nScream (1996)
Sleepy, small town setting? Check. Juicy high school drama? Check. Utterly iconic ’90s cast? Check! This is horror maestro Wes Craven at his best — the title pretty much says it all.

12119948_946146582118013_9100479322261025268_oHocus Pocus (1993)
SJP is about to launch her first series since SITC, but before she was pining for Mr. Big and Louboutins, she was raising a ruckus alongside her witchy sisters in this ’90s classic.

13909205_770739216399097_1061463846056244363_oStranger Things (2016)
Okay, so, Stranger Things isn’t technically a movie, but we don’t know anyone who didn’t devour all eight episodes of this surprisingly sweet, sci-fi smash hit in just one sitting.

14425422_547867428750029_3967338849970466343_oLabyrinth (1986)
We’re missing Ziggy Stardust more than ever this year, and his kooky role as the Goblin King in this Jim Henson classic gives us all the feels.

babadookThe Babadook (2014)
You know you’re in for a thriller flick when spook master Stephen King himself lauds it as “deeply disturbing and highly recommended.” Our personal rec? Don’t watch this one alone!

12658012_1016344665079078_4428184394784133344_oThe Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
“This is Halloween, this is Halloween…” Whoops, did we get that song stuck in your head, too? This joyfully macabre classic about everyone’s fave Pumpkin King is an annual must-see, and lasts the entire holiday season.

51907_450316948353804_1405882371_oBeetlejuice (1988)
Ghosts, ghouls, and gags galore! Plus, we’re partial to any film featuring a young Winona Ryder, which brings us to our next pick…

1016700_673337662692683_1778769102_nEdward Scissorhands (1990)
The king of kook snipped his way through ’90s suburbia and straight into our hearts. And it wouldn’t be Halloween without an elaborate costume — it took Depp a reported four hours to get into his scissor-heavy gear.

216940_195214797278349_829860377_nThe Addams Family (1991)
Everyone’s favorite freaky family goes all out in this iconic remake of the ’50s TV show (snap, snap).

10955082_709577032492331_904723201160468216_oLife After Beth (2014)
This one is a sraight up zom-com, starring the ever-hilarious Aubrey Plaza. Pop this one in after a scarier flick for a quick LOL remedy.

10734021_728603050545154_4266502614708055511_oSleepy Hollow (1999)
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp — aka the unofficial poster boys of Hollywood Halloween — nailed this live action classic, about an unconventional constable sent to solve a series of mysterious crimes.

396181_173943796045930_390442070_nCarrie (1976)
Lesson learned: Don’t fudge with your prom queen. Especially if she’s got telekinetic powers.

14449071_10154311996720660_3672203906701641079_nHalloween (1978)
Jamie Lee Curtis made her film debut in this ’70s slasher film, which was possibly the first of its kind — and definitely one of the best.

1040553_530428903684348_2076245362_oWarm Bodies (2013)
Halloween isn’t romantic — but this sweet little zombie flick has our hearts rising from the dead anyway.

xx, The FabFitFun Team