With sweater weather creeping up, it’s only right that we spend more time soaking in a hot bath than usual. Luckily, Lush has given their fan favorite bath products a Halloween-ready makeover to ooze all the fall vibes.

The collection will be available to shop online beginning September 15 and will hit Lush shelves September 18. Meanwhile, below is a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar $7.95
This feline fine bubble bar reminds us of the charcoal beauty trend. It’s infused with olibanum oil for a sweet and woodsy scent and bergamot oil for an uplifting and cleansing effect.

lush-pumpkin-bath-bomb-56538cd1-20e6-4cc6-bbba-e4652c87c7cfLush Pumpkin Bath Bomb $7.75
Fall and pumpkins pretty much come hand in hand, so why not throw a bit into your bath? This bath bomb features cinnamon bark oil, pimento berry oil, and vanilla for a soothing blend.

lush-monster-ball-bath-bomb-68a8a159-fbc1-464e-8b8e-20388cf59c89Lush Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb $7.95
Lime, neroli, and olibanum oils make up this Franken-fine bath bomb that not only helps you unwind after a long day, but also creates a gorgeous pink hue in your bath.

lush-lord-misrule-shower-cream-5ef35de4-fa1b-410a-9d91-a7bdadd4dfb7Lush Lord of Misrule Shower Cream $9.95
Don’t let the vibrant green spook you. The herbal blend of black pepper oil, patchouli, wheat germ, and vanilla lathers perfectly and is a nice treat for your senses.

lush-black-rose-naked-lip-scrub-09d101d2-07f7-4a8d-a305-e97feb60eb93Lush Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub $6.95
Perfect your pout with a gentle lip scrub. The caster sugar gently exfoliates dead skin, while the murumuru butter and mandarin oil leave your lips fresh and moisturized.

lush-goth-fairy-shimmer-bar-39ebeeb5-a15b-4483-abf9-97c5599c9f70Lush Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar $7.95
Shimmer fans are in for a gothic treat with this iridescent bar. It’s jam-packed with bergamot oil, illipe butter, almond essential oils, and grapefruit oil for a skin-softening blend.

lush-black-rose-lip-tint-6f996041-438d-4008-82a0-ecf483647ba8Lush Black Rose Lip Tint $10.95
If you needed another reason to jump on the charcoal beauty trend, this lip tint might be enough to convert you. The black lip balm transforms into a bright pink tint when applied. It’s also formulated with melon, mandarin, and ylang ylang oils for a nourishing yet brightening finish.

lush-magic-wand-soap-143fe073-2ab4-44e5-8e0e-8e99597e22eeLush Magic Wand Soap $6.95
Rock fall’s best colors in your bath with this beautifully scented soap. The citrus and coconut oils work harmoniously to balance out the best of both fragrances.


Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar $7.95
Lime, juniper berry, and grapefruit oils create a scent you wouldn’t normally expect from a pumpkin-shaped bubble bar. Nonetheless, the bright orange and gold flecks make this 100 percent fall appropriate.

lush-halloween-collection-2017-e33f921e-0dfe-4ab2-aad6-61e25f6d4394Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar $7.95
Who says bubble baths are only for kids? This one’s in an adorable pink and formulated with geranium, bergamot, and jasmine oils for a relaxing pamper sesh.

xx, The FabFitFun Team