Let’s be real: Filling up our cars with gas is never fun and can put a slight dent in our wallet…but it’s necessary, especially if you commute daily to work, need to drop off your kids at soccer practice, or just need to drive!

But regardless of gas prices during the time you fill up, there are ways to extend your tank a little bit longer! Read on for our gas saving hacks so you can save a couple extra dollars on fuel.

Lose the Junk in Your Trunk
What are you carrying in your trunk? The answer should be: Spare tire, tools to change spare tire, and emergency roadside kit. Anything else should be jettison because that extra weight in your car will be a drag on your mileage. Use your trunk when needed, but don’t use it as storage space.

Check Your Tire Pressure
Do you know your recommended tire pressure? It’s actually written right on your tire. If you still need help, take your car to a gas station or mechanic and ask them to check your tire pressure. When you’re riding on tires that are under inflated, it increases rolling resistance which results in using more gas.

Follow Your Owner’s Manual for Checkups
It’s vital that you maintain your car’s recommended checkup schedule. You can find this in your owner’s manual or ask a trusted mechanic. Keeping on top of car checkups ensure that everything from the engine to the air filter is running smoothly so you can increase fuel efficiency.

Cut Back on the Gadgets
You probably can’t live without blasting your AC or radio, but that comes at a price. The more often you run those gadgets, the more fuel they’re going to burn. Roll down the windows and take a break from the AC and take a break from music every once in a while.

Slow Your Roll
Everyone always seems to be in a rush but you’d be surprised at how much gas you waste by aggressive driving like speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking too hard. Driving just 5 miles over 50 MPH equates to paying $0.15 more per gallon of gas.

Shut It Down
Sitting idle for a while? Turn off that engine. Even two minutes of a running engine can equate to driving a mile.

xx, The FabFitFun Team