Empowered women empower women, and so do some of your favorite companies! That’s right — from supporting women’s health to embracing femininity and self-love, the brands you know and love are dedicated to championing women from all over the world.

Check out five #girlpower brands that are making a difference below.


LUNA is responsible for more than just your favorite nutrition bar. The brand’s nearly 20-year pursuit for women’s equality includes creating LUNAFEST, an annual film festival that features films by, for, and about women, raising awareness for equal pay, and educating women on the power of negotiation through tools and resources. Needless to say, the brand knows a thing or two about standing up for and empowering women.

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If you know FabFitFun, then you know that we’re all about inspiring women to find happiness through personal growth and discovery, whether it’s through discovering a new female-founded brand, working out with FabFitFunTV, or connecting with like-minded women in the Community. Raise your hand if you believe in the power of the female. We sure do!

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The term, “you do you,” is the basis for this trendy clothing brand, which has empowered women since day one. ModCloth champions self-expression and inclusivity by embracing the beauty of all shapes and sizes.

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Skin Laundry

Leading skin care brand Skin Laundry embraces what it means to be a #ladyboss. Yen Reis, the founder of the brand, proves just that as she used her own experiences with skin issues to develop innovative, time-efficient, and affordable laser skin treatments so every woman can feel comfortable in her own skin.

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Mer-Sea & Co.

Friends Melanie Bolin and Lina Dickinson both left their successful careers to launch Mer-Sea & Co., a brand that captures the essence of peace, tranquility, and happiness through scent, color, and texture. The women-founded company also partners with water.org, a charity dedicated to providing clean water to women and their families in developing countries.

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