16 seasons, hundreds of celebrity guests, and thousands of lives changed later, Ellen DeGeneres has finally decided to leave her iconic talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show (BRB, we’re crying).

After receiving advice from her brother, who wants her to continue the show, and her wife of 10 years Portia de Rossi, who encouraged her to end it, DeGeneres eventually told The New York Times that her contract will end in 2020.

“I just think she’s such a brilliant actress and standup that it doesn’t have to be this talk show for her creativity. There are other things she could tackle,” said Rossi in an interview. “I don’t see the end of her show as her career ending.” Ellen is already proving this to be true with her latest endeavor; she’s taking it back to her standup comedy days with her very own Netflix special Relatable, set to premiere on December 18.

Although the show’s inevitable ending is bittersweet, we can’t wait to see what else DeGegeneres has in store come 2020.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team