One of the most exciting things on my wedding to-do list was to figure out what to give my bridesmaids. These ladies are my rocks and I am so grateful for all that they do for me every day. I couldn’t make it through a week without an emoji filled group text, a girls trip, or chatting over a glass of rosé. Naturally, I wanted to show them just how much each and every one of them means to me but how to do it?

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It’s tough to pick out one thing that a group of ladies will ALL like. My main thought was that I wanted it to be practical –something they would actually use. What do we all use every day? Makeup. So I started there with some of my favorite beauty products. Some of my favorites lately include Colleen Rothschild AM and PM skincare routines, Smashbox’s Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick, and the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. Every girl loves trying something new especially if it means a little pampering is on the horizon. I mean, I don’t know if I’m more excited for my Sephora order or the free samples that are in it!

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I wanted to create a mini goodie bag so I incorporated these mantraband bracelets, as well. I picked a message that I felt fit each bridesmaid’s personality. It was so much fun to find the perfect mantra for each of these ladies because they are all so special and unique.

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I knew we would be getting ready together so I also wanted to gift everyone some super cute PJs. Where do you go for the cutest loungewear ever? Plum Pretty Sugar. Since most of my girls wear shorts more often than robes to bed, I wanted to give them something they would be able to wear at home too! I found the most adorable matching sets and they were so comfortable to lounge in while we were getting our hair and makeup done!

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For the day of, I got each girl one of these super cute mini emergency kits for Pinch Provisions. Not only did it come in handy for a few of the girls but it is still getting me out of a bind to this day! Truly, the gift that keeps on giving slash saving.

Lastly, I packaged everything in these adorable totes from ilulily to transport everything effectively. I’m a total klutz so I worry about things like trying to carry multiple things and ending up with them scattered across the floor! I’m also exceptionally terrible at wrapping things so this was my easy way out.

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