We’re here to make sure your self-care routine covers every area this season. And we mean every area. With so much focus on skincare, bodycare, and haircare, it’s easy to forget the fact that our intimate areas have specific needs that will not only make them (and you) happier, but healthier as well. 

Most harsh soaps and washes do not match the normal pH levels of the vaginal area, leading to a disruption of the natural flora levels. By cleaning the external genitalia (the vulva) with a pH balanced cleanser that matches the normal levels, the vulva is healthier and better able to protect the vaginal area as a whole. The main goal is to not disrupt the normal vaginal pH levels, so finding a cleanser that matches this area is key. 

Enter: The Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser! This specially formulated wash has a pH of 4.2, fitting perfectly into the range of what a healthy vaginal pH should be (3.8-4.5). Check out the video below for more info and make sure you choose this cleanser during Customization! 


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