Working out doesn’t have to be a solo feat. In fact, working out with a buddy will only boost your motivation to stay on track of your fitness journey. That’s why we’re all about 3S Fitness.

Founder, Abby Esbenshade O’Keefe is your personal trainer and nutritionist who creates customized fitness and meal plans — built to match your goals, your schedule, and even the equipment you have on-hand at home or at the gym. Not only that, if you don’t like a certain workout or can’t do an exercise, O’Keefe will change it to a workout you actually like to do. How’s that for a workout buddy?

So wherever you are in your fitness journey, get ready for a personalized workout program and a trainer who actually cares about your progress. Try out the personalized training program for yourself and get 50 percent off your first month. Use code FFFTV at checkout. And if you want to try out 3s Fitness workouts firsthand, check out some of her videos on FabFitFunTV, exclusively available to members starting today!

We also sat down with O’Keefe to chat about her favorite workouts while traveling, how she motivates herself to workout, and exclusive fitness tips.

What’s your favorite part about helping people get in shape?
My favorite part about being a trainer is working with my clients on a soul transformation. I love being able to witness their bodies changing, but also importantly, their minds. I get to know all my 3S Fitters as individuals, learn about their goals, listen to their struggles, and support them emotionally. I want them to see themselves as I see them — incredible, multifaceted, superhero women with immense amounts of fire and power in their souls. I’m a teacher at heart, and I want to guide people to be their happiest and healthiest selves through strength, sweat, and soul.

Is there one particular client success story that makes you smile?
Every. Single. One. Each client has their ups and downs and watching them change, grow, and develop as passionate and fierce women makes it easy for me to wake up and give my best to them every single day.

Abby - Plank

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re on-the-go (i.e. traveling, etc.)?
When I’m traveling, I usually don’t have a ton of time to hit the gym, so I love circuit training. I choose five to eight of my favorites exercises that target all areas of the body and do them back-to-back with no rest. Then, I repeat the circuit three to five times. It’s so easy, quick, sweaty, effective, and the after-burn is amazing! Since it’s a high intensity circuit, your heart rate stays up and burns fat while toning your entire body — much more effective than just jumping on the elliptical for 30 minutes!

How do you encourage yourself to work out when you just don’t feel like it?
External motivation comes and goes — it’s fleeting and unreliable. That’s why cultivating a healthy and active lifestyle is important for any fitness journey. I stress the importance of exercise to your mental health because it’s one of the biggest tools that’s helped me overcome emotional stress and anxiety in my own life and I am blessed to witness the same mental transformations in my clients everyday. I remind myself that exercise is not just about looking and feeling physically great, it’s about maintaining an overall sense of peace and calm.

How do you hope your clients feel after taking one of your workouts/classes?
Inspired, uplifted, loved, cared for, and exhausted.

Can you share an exclusive fitness tip with us?
Don’t neglect the mental part of your journey. If you put in the physical work everyday — doing your workouts and sweating it out — but don’t change how you think about yourself, fitness, nutrition, and the world around you, nothing will change in the long run.

xx, The FabFitFun Team