This weekend is Father’s Day. If your Dad is anything like mine, he’ll say, “I don’t need any gifts. All I want for Father’s Day is to spend time with you and the family.” This weekend, spend some quality bonding time with dad by doing any of these three great activities that he’ll love (and that your waistline will love too!).

  1. Go for a hike. Find a scenic hiking trail, or simply go for a nice long walk. Dads love the outdoors, and hiking is a great way to work out your body from head to toe. It will also give you time to have a nice long talk and catch up!
  2. Take a swing. A golf swing, that is. Let Dad give you a golf lesson. Buy a bucket of balls at the driving range and spend an afternoon working on your swing.  If you already know how to swing a club, challenge Dad to a round of nine holes.
  3. Shoot some hoops. Remember when you were a kid your dad taught you how to throw a basketball into the hoop? Head back to the blacktop at your local park or to the baseball hoop in your driveway and challenge dad to a game of HORSE.

If you’re feeling bold and think you can take on Dad in the gym, challenge him to one of these circuit workouts and see who can claim the title of most fit family member.


Workout Girl

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