by the Workout Girl

What does a new year mean to you?  For many, it is a time for a fresh start.  In other words, a New Year = a New You.  To help start your 2014 off on the right foot, I’ve put together a list of my top 3 ways to detoxify your body to start the year as a healthier new you!

1. Do a 3-day juice cleanse.  A juice cleanse can help to remove toxins and waste from your digestive system, as well as increase your energy levels.  On a budget? Try this DIY juice cleanse at home.

2. Get a massage.  Getting a deep tissue massage can help to break up and release toxins stored in your body by loosening your muscles.  Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of being completely and utterly relaxed.

3. Grab a probiotic.  Probiotics are really just another name for “good bacteria.”  They help to break down chemicals (such as pesticides found on produce) that could become toxins in your body.  Look for probiotic yogurt in your neighborhood grocery store.

Another great way to detox? Sweat it out with a great workout! Check out for workouts you can do anywhere!

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