Do you make the same resolutions every year? Or did you swear up and down that this is THE year you’ll finally stick to a healthier diet? Drop those pesky final 5 pounds? Build up your biceps? Run a marathon? (OK, maybe a half marathon… Or a 5K…)

It’s important to remember that your resolutions are only as good as your commitment to them. Make 2016 really count by using these three tips to finally fulfill your resolutions:

Grab a friend.  Find a friend, partner, or significant other who has similar goals.  If you commit to work on your resolutions together, you can each hold each other accountable to stick with it.

Schedule check-ins.  Set smaller goals along the way to reaching your bigger goals.  Pencil in ‘check ins’ to see how you periodically measure up to these smaller milestones.  Once you have set deadlines, you will likely be more motivated to continue making progress.

Be reasonable. While it’s nice to have goals, make sure they are actually attainable ones.  If you set goals that are too out of reach, you’ll only wind up disappointing yourself in the end.

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