We all know the drill. We set our alarm hoping to get a run in before work, only to hit snooze five too many times. After work, we’re tired, hungry, cranky and happy hour sounds so much more…well, happy than getting our sweat on.

But here’s the good news! Just like we’re able to both talk to our besties and peruse Instagram at the same time, we can get our workout in while working our 9-5. How do you do it without your boss wondering where on earth you went? Celebrity Trainer Alex Isaly gave us some pro tips.

Schedule Breaks
“When it comes to incorporating physical activity in the workplace the key is to purposely schedule short 10-15 mini-active breaks. You need to purposely break the pattern of being stationary for long periods of time.” And this won’t just help you burn calories! “This will help with energy levels, reduce stress and increase productivity,” Alex says. His tip to stick with it is to set an alarm to go off every 2 hours as a reminder to get up and move.

But what kind of work out can you get in at work? Don’t worry, Alex has you covered there too.

Go For a Short Walk
Walk around the office, parking lot or around the block. “If getting outside is difficult to do and you work in a multi-story building then go up and down the flight of stairs a couple times,” Alex suggests.

Incorporate Some Body Strength Moves at Your Desk.
“Do a couple sets of 10-15 reps of squats and/or lunges. Legs are the biggest muscles on the body so this exercise will be sure to activate the body and mind.”

Alex also suggests Incline Push Ups. “Face the desk and stand about 3-5 feet away. Place your hands on the edge of the desk so the body is at a 45% angle from the floor (the shorter the distance the feet are away from the desk, the easier the exercise). Then lower your chest to the desk and push away performing a push up. To work the arms, face away from the desk or chair standing about 1-2 feet away. Place hands on the edge and slowly lower the hips to floor engaging the core, shoulders and triceps. Knees should be bending to a 45% angle. Reverse the move back to starting position.”

Stuck on a Conference Call? Try Some Seated Crunches at your Desk! (or maybe wait post-call)
“Sit on the edge of the chair and bring the knees up into the chest while slightly lowering your chest in to the knees. Reverse the move back to starting positions. High-Low Reaches are great for the chest and back. Reach as far as you can at a 45% angle from the floor towards the ceiling stretching the back then reverse the move by reaching down and towards the floor from the body at a 45% angle opening and stretching the chest,” Alex says.

Now get back to work/working out!

xx, The FabFitFun Team