There’s no better way to enjoy the icy season than with a mini home makeover that says winter is here (and staying). Bring the beautiful frostiness of the outdoors in with these decorative décor items that capture the essence of the season. From luminous string lights to ornate scented candles, we’ve got everything you need to transform your home into a cozy winter wonderland.

36397206_010_bUrban Outfitters Lantern String Lights $32
Ornate Christmas lights are no longer just for the holidays. These lantern string lights feel a bit more modern than traditional, and can be thrown around anywhere to add a wintery feel.

Etsy Snowflake Wall Decal Set $15

Nothing says winter like snow, right? These varying sized snowflake stickers will literally bring the pretty flurries indoors.

Pottery Barn Star Candleholders $29
These mirrored, star-shaped candleholders tie into the theme of snowflakes, only with a much more glamorous vibe. Combine different sizes with colorful candles to create a unique effect.


Archipelago Winter Frost Boxed Candle $29.50
With decadent blends of winter greens and white birch, this candle not only smells incredible, but also acts as a beautiful piece of winter décor.

Stagecoach+Iron+and+Glass+LanternStagecoach Iron and Glass Lantern $34.99
These gorgeous winter white lanterns flood us with memories of a dark, chilly night, and we can’t help but feel super cozy when glaring at them.

xx, The FabFitFun Team