Urban Dictionary defines a sapiosexual as “one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.” Yes, we agree that brains are essential to a happy relationship, but for some intelligence is the sole feature they look for in a partner.

Some critics, like The Daily Beast, feel that this lust for intelligence is nothing more than pretentious people seeking equally pretentious partners. The news site states that “in every scientific and sociological sense of the term, sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation” and “it’s a sexual orientation for people who think that they’re too smart to have a sexual orientation.”

Sapiosexuality can categorize as more of a preference, but those who identify themselves as sapiosexual argue that it’s a deal breaker when it comes to searching for a partner.

Psychology Today, on the other hand, identifies sapiosexuals as “nymphobrainiacs” or those who are are in love and obsessed with the mind. Essentially, some people need sex, some people need looks, and some people need smarts.

We’re never one to judge someone based on their sexual preference or categorization of their sexuality. Sapiosexual is just another orientation for people to identify themselves with and another way to wade through the dating pool.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team