U.S. Soccer Olympian Abby Wambach

The Girl With A Mean Right Hook

Claressa Shields, 17, sounds like any other American teenager, even after making history at the Olympics. Shields won the first ever gold medal in her event, middleweight women’s boxing. The 2012 summer games featured the debut of women’s boxing, and Claressa faced off against a Russian competitor twice her age. Still, she sounds more like a regular teen than a gold medalist.

“I was like, ‘What?'”

That’s her talking about a recent Twitter message she received from legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

“Your Jab is so solid use it more! Your Hook, wow (just like mine) win every round and bring home the Gold Claressa!” he tweeted.

If you want to learn more about Claressa, read about her Olympic journey on NPR. Of course, she’s not the only girl making her country proud this week…

The Fab, Fit, And Awesome U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

The U.S. women’s soccer team did the impossible, again, this week in London. No, we’re not talking about winning more gold medals; Americans are great at that (See: scoreboard). While winning their final match against Japan, the team actually made Americans care about soccer. FabFitFun talked to star player Abby Wambach this week about her fitness routine, famous teammates, and Olympic experience.

“The best thing I would say is the ability to play and represent my country. I take that very seriously. Every single time the national anthem is playing before a game I think about that. It’s not something that has ever been lost on me. I continue and hope to continue to impress that upon my teammates and my fans so that they know I am fighting for them. I am representing something way bigger than myself and that’s the most important thing for me about playing on this team.”

Read more from Abby’s interview here.

The NFL Welcomes First Female Referee

There’s nothing more stereotypically male than football, but one female referee has broken though that particular glass ceiling. On Thursday, August 9, Shannon Eastin became the first woman to officiate an NFL game. The home team booed her and everything. In fact, Eastin already has a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Well, her hat does anyway; it’s en route to the museum already.

Even though the female ref has 16 years experience coaching college ball, she didn’t get her new gig entirely on merit. The league locked out the NFL Referees Association during a collective bargaining dispute, and Eastin is one of many college refs called up to the big leagues.

It should come as no surprise that Eastin judged the pre-season match as competently as any of her male colleagues. She made a controversial pass interference call and she got it right during the second half.

With the success of female athletes in London and the International Olympic Committee working to increase access for women in the 2016 games, there’s never been a better time for female sports fans.

Who Are Abby & Brittany?

This week, everyone wanted to talk about Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the viral spinoff of TLC’s beauty pageant reality show Toddlers and Tiaras. We don’t have anything to add to that conversation, but there’s another TLC show called Abby and Brittany gathering buzz that might have slipped under your radar.

Abby and Brittany Hensel aren’t just unique. No one else like them has ever existed, literally. The conjoined twins have baffled the medical profession; each sister controls one half of their shared body, rather than having two separate bodies joined together.

Their cooperation, positivity, and confidence is really inspiring. Their upcoming reality show will follow their lives post-college as they find their place in the workforce. You can learn more about their amazing story in this interview from their teenage years.