New year, new you! You’ve likely made a handful of resolutions to change up your diet, workouts, and bad habits…but what about your sex life?

Change up your sex life with just a few simple tweaks — we guarantee it’ll be your hottest sex yet.

Use a Wedge
No, not the shoe. A wedged pillow can seriously enhance your sex life. The pillow allows you and your partner to move comfortably into different positions and angles that you may not be able to achieve on your own. A little lift of your pelvis also allows your partner to access your G-spot more easily, which is always a good thing.

Have “No Sex” Sex
Instead of going all the way, just kiss and touch your partner. Explore every part of your partner’s body with your mouth and hands, then have them do the same to you. Keep everything external and you’ll come to see how stimulating just a simple touch can be.

Set the Mood
The deed is normally done with the lights on or lights off. But try something different this year and set the mood with candles, a sexy playlist, and some lingerie. It might feel cheesy at first, but you’ll be surprised to see how little changes in the bedroom can make that much of a difference.

Watch Porn Together
The best way to ease into this is to come to an agreement on what type of porn you like. Then get to watching. Not only can watching porn together turn you both on, it can also inspire you to try some new moves.

Surprise Peep Show
Don’t save your sexy lingerie for the bedroom. Instead show it off around the house, so that when your honey gets home they’re greeted with a big surprise.

xx, The FabFitFun Team