by The Workout Girl

Ever feel like you’ve reached a “plateau” with your fitness routine?  It’s time to “muscle through” (pun intended!) with some best practices from

1. Lift Something Heavy Before You Get Sweaty. In order to maximize your metabolism during a workout, first start with a 5-minute warmup to increase your heart rate (like a light jog).  Then, focus on strength training by lifting free weights and/or using weighted exercise machines.  Finally, end your workout with an intense cardio blast (like a 20-30 minute run, or using the elliptical machine at a high level of resistance for 30 minutes).

2. Breaks Aren’t Bad. When it comes to your workout regimen, alternate periods of high intensity exercise with brief periods of rest.  Interval training like this can help to improve your fitness level more quickly than traditional aerobic training.

3. Find Your Flavor. It’s simple actually — you will be more motivated to push yourself in a workout if you are doing something you enjoy.  This means it’s OK to think outside the gym. Take a kickboxing class, or try one of those crazy aerial silks classes and pretend you are in Cirque Du Soleil.

When you’re ready to tackle interval training, check out for workout circuits you can do at home…or anywhere!


Workout Girl

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