There can be a lot of hype and stress around Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a new relationship, married for 30 years, or single and ready to mingle.

From finding the right words to say or not saying enough (or saying too much), this holiday can wreak havoc on our overthinking brains! We are here to offer help for the lighthearted couples out there who feel comfortable enough to poke fun at their relationship in the best way with these funny Valentine’s cards.

funny-valentines-day-cards-39__700Unicorn & Ass $5.00
This card is a clever way of basically saying, “I’m not always fun to be around (perhaps when I’m hangry), but thank you for loving me anyway.” We’ve all been there, right?

il_fullxfull.894278306_m96fI’m Glad You Accidentally Swiped Right $4.39
For all of you Tinder success stories out there, this card speaks directly to you. If you found your soulmate on a dating app all we can say is #goals.

34902999_045_bUrban Outfitter’s Turtle’s Soup Loves Tacos Card $5
This is a bold statement considering there’s not much we love more than tacos. He must be one shell of a guy!

208-c-look-at-my-phone-card_grandeLook At My Phone Valentine Card $4.95
Communicating with the person you love? Overrated. Checking your respective social media-verse while lying next to the person you love? So much easier.

Meh…You’ll Do Funny Valentine’s Day Card $3.15
We don’t encourage settling for less than you deserve, but we find this slightly apathetic, unromantic card charming. So if you and your love are actually truly, madly, deeply in love, then this would be an ironic card to bestow upon your man.

254-c-ducking-love-you-card_1024x1024Ducking Love You Card $4.50
Oh autocorrect, how we love/hate you so. This card perfectly encapsulates that moment you think you’re sending a meaningful text only to be thrown off by your phone’s predictive text. And the BF’s response? Priceless.

AC006-ImSoInLoveWithYou So In Love Card $6
Sometimes there aren’t enough o’s in the spelling of “so” to indicate just how much you love someone. This letterpress card does the trick.

CGF21Incredible Human Gold Foil Card $4.50
Sometimes just being a human is enough. Being acknowledged for your work as a mere mortal is all you can ask for this Valentine’s Day.

xx, The FabFitFun Team