Top image: RPZL

If glitter roots aren’t your style, there’s a new (and less messy) glittery hair trend in town. The latest fad to hit the beauty world is icicle hair. Yep, icicle hair! RPZL, a top salon in New York City, started the movement, which consists of adding tinsel pieces to the hair. Or what we like to call “Frozen extensions!”

Icicle Hair-2

A salon rep told Today via email that “the inspiration came from the gold leaf hair that was trending last month and made a big statement. We thought it was gorgeous, but it was very hard to achieve and definitely not [easy to] DIY. Being a fashion-forward tech company we were looking for something new and easy and hair tinsel extensions were the answer.”

Icicle Hair-3

The tinsel extensions are part of RPZL’s new Pop! line, which retail for $25 a set and can be purchased for use at home. If you’re not in the NYC area, no fret. You can score a set of your very own glitzy extensions by ordering online here. The only hard part will be choosing between Sparkling Silver and Golden Goddess.

The best part? You can use them multiple times. It’s a super fun way to spice up your hair look without spending a fortune or manipulating your hair color. And when you’ve had enough, all you have to do is unclip!

xx, The FabFitFun Team