Treadmill Dancing - a New Way to Work Out

The Dougie, the Robot, the Cupid Shuffle, maybe even a little Jersey Shore fist pumping — what girl doesn’t love to dance? When we think of dancing, things like weddings, clubs, and naked in front of the mirror tend to come to mind (please — don’t act like you haven’t done it). And we’ve all heard that dancing is a great workout (seemed to work for Ricki Lake on Dancing with the Stars), but have you ever considered taking this activity to your treadmill?

OK, we realize this might sound a little crazy, but “dancing” on the treadmill is a great (and super fun) way to burn calories and work those small muscle groups you’ve been neglecting. Celebrity trainer and fitness guru Tracy Anderson prefers “treadmill dancing” to running and using the elliptical machine; these workouts can be hard on your joints and too monotonous (similar to Matthew McConaughey’s portfolio of rom-coms).

Exercising in an unvaried fashion will only strengthen your large muscles; creating bulk rather than that lean shape we covet (think Gwyneth Paltrow, who’s a Tracy devotee). Maneuvers such as skipping, side sashaying, and small, quick steps are just a few of the ways to shock your muscles and suspend repetitive motion. While this may look easy, this routine is not for the faint of heart (just try not to actually faint).

Don’t know how to get started? Create a great playlist (LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It comes to mind) that will get you in a dancing mood…then take it to the treadmill! Sure, you may feel a little like Kevin James in Hitch at first, but you’ll have the last laugh when you catch the hot trainer admiring your new gorgeous gams.

xx, The FabFitFun Team