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Today marks the first day of 2016 (aka a fresh new start!). If you’ve over indulged on a few too many glasses of wine, cheese platters, or green bean casserole over the holidays, we are not here to judge. It happens to the best of us. And plus, sometimes you just gotta #treatyourself!

In the case you’re looking to burn off some calories, we’ve rounded up our five favorite up-and-coming trainers to get you on the right track. These fab ladies will keep you in check with their constant motivation and inspiration — and muscle snaps.

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Heidi Somers is not only a mega babe, but also a kickass, down to earth athlete. She has come a long way on her fitness journey and likes to show photos like this to her followers as a reminder that she came this far — and that anyone can. Talk about some serious motivation! We love that she takes life with a grain of salt and has fun getting ripped along the way. Check out her free workouts here.



We’re ub-sessed with Anna Victoria. She’s been giving us major #squadgoals since the day we laid eyes on her Instagram account. She’s the creator of Fit Body Guides, two meal and training guides that are available online. With over 800K followers and counting, she’s been transforming people’s bodies left and right — and is super encouraging and positive along the way.


Holly Rilinger has a pretty impressive resume. She’s a Nike Master Trainer, Master Flywheel Instructor, trainer to top celebrities, and also a personality on Bravo’s new hit reality show Work Out New York, which follows the lives of hot trainers around the city. Check back on her Instagram for daily encouragement to get out there and break a sweat.  



Tiffany does it all. She’s a fitness model, coach, pro bikini competitor, two-time Olympian, and all around badass babe. Check out her account for all the latest and greatest fitness apparel, healthy recipes, and motivational words. You’ll be on your way to healthy in no time!


Looking for some #fitspiration? Berenice Fitzpatrick is just the gal! She’s a World Beauty Fitness & Fashion pro, runner, bikini pro, and trainer. If that’s not enough to get you moving, she’ also a trainer at hubs Dave Fitz’s gym Total Fitzness . If you’re not a Connecticut local, no fret, you can still do online training with Mrs. Lady Fit herself.

Here’s to a healthy, happy start to 2016!

xx, The FabFitFun Team