When we read a recent blog post about this magical new topical botox, we had to know more. Talk about beauty wave of the future. To find out the insider scoop on this Korean breakthrough serum and cream from Midaskin, we tapped Peach & Lily founder and CEO Alicia Yoon.

For starters, Midaskin in South Korea is the first-ever company in the world to create something of this caliber. According to the brand, “the core ingredient of Midaskin Serum and Cream is the very Botulinum Polypeptide-1.” The brand ATGC Co., Ltd. also owns the patent for this.

“From my research, I have heard that labs have been working on something like this for a long while, and this lab has been able to develop a formulation including the same botulinum toxin found in botox injections that are able to be applied topically and absorbed [through] the skin,” said Yoon. “I personally think this is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the beauty industry in years.”Screen_Shot_2015-12-02_at_11.33.40_AM

Yoon’s personal experience
Midaskin’s BolcA+ Serum is astounding — when I first tried it, I could feel that the serum feels a bit different than other serums, It applies on in a silky smooth way, but the skin feels a bit lifted and tighter almost immediately,” she noted. “After about three weeks of use, I noticed that my face was overall more lifted. The brand [also] let me know that I could also use a whole vial at once for more immediate effects.”

Focus group feedback
“Our focus group included women above the age of sixty, and I saw a remarkable difference there after about three weeks of use,” Yoon stated. “What I love is that the results look very natural, but there’s a noticeable difference around the nasolabial folds looking less prominent, more smoothed out laugh lines, more lifted jawline and a plumper-looking face, and definitely more radiance.”

Injections vs. topical?
“It’ll depend on the person,” she stated. “If you don’t react well to the numbing creams and are not a fan of injections, this serum is a good alternative. I personally like the serum because you can see the change over time versus walking out of the doctor’s office with results that aren’t as controllable. Having said that, if you are looking for an instant and dramatic change, then the injections might be a better option.”

And FYI, Peach & Lily is the only current place to get ahold of these products in the USA, in the case you’re looking to check them out for yourself.

xx, The FabFitFun Team