Picture this: It’s late. It’s dark. You’ve just had your third piece of leftover chocolate cake after a huge pasta dinner. Suddenly, your adoring BF tells you he’s got a surprise for you. He’s whisking you away for a romantic beach vacation in one week!

If you’re anything like us, you immediately embark on an emotional roller coaster. Surprise, delight, excitement, and then: sudden dread. How are you going to get beach-ready in just seven days?! (Especially after that celebratory fourth piece of cake!) For times like this, you need a secret weapon so good, it’ll give you all the body confidence you need, fast.

Enter: the Bikini Cleanse. Created by fashion stylist, blogger, and overall beach beauty Nicole Pollard, this seven-day system aims to get you vay-k ready in just one week. With it, Pollard promises you’ll have all of the tools you need (smoothies, teas, and list of pre-appreoved meal items) to get you looking and feeling great in a flash, without starving yourself. Whether you’re looking for a “quick fix” pre vay-k or want an extra slimming push before a big event, the Bikini Cleanse is an awesome weapon to keep in your arsenal.

We chatted with Pollard to learn what makes this weight-loss system different from the others on the market.

Have you always been a fan of detox diets?
I believe in eating healthy and being able to enjoy life without restrictive dieting. But every so often, when a big event or vacation is on the horizon, I need a little extra push to get myself ready fast. That’s where detox diets come into play.

What makes the Bikini Cleanse better than those other juice and smoothie options out there? What’s different about it?
Bikini Cleanse is a totally different approach to cleansing. Our all-natural ingredients won’t just make you look good, they will make you feel amazing. While I love the taste of juice, I cannot say I have successfully done a juice cleanse without feeling low on energy. When I set out to create the Bikini Cleanse program, I wanted it to be something realistic.

I needed to be able to run my styling business and have the energy to do so while losing weight. Although juice cleanses generally taste great, losing out on protein and whole foods is not a healthy way to lose weight. Plus, juices can often be packed with high amounts of sugar, which is high in calories and causes all sorts of problems such as mood swings and yeast infections. I created a program that includes two meals and two snacks a day, in addition to a creamy protein smoothie. There’s no starving, light-headedness, or irritability. You look great, feel great, and most importantly, you are able to follow your normal daily routine while on Bikini Cleanse.

Sounds awesome! How do often do you do the cleanse?
I follow Bikini Cleanse every couple of months for a body re-boot or if I have a big event or vacation coming up. I have a busy lifestyle juggling my crazy styling job and being an entrepreneur so I don’t always take the best care of myself. Cleanses, like anything else, should be done in moderation. However, the cleanse mentality sticks with you and encourages you to continually make better food choices when it’s over. I typically follow the Bikini Cleanse food plan Monday – Friday and allow for a cheat day or two because life is too short not to share a delicious meal with loved ones and friends.

Once we’re there, we won’t want to undo all of our hard work. Do you have any tips for staying svelte while on a trip?
Protein and hydration are my top two tips for staying on track during vacation. It’s time to celebrate, not starve. Make smart choices like fresh seafood ceviche as an appetizer and nix the breadbasket. Also, staying fully hydrated on vacation is key. The sun, sea, poolside cocktail menu and added exertion (like making love with the lights on  hello?!) all lead to dehydration. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water all day long. Drinking water not only flushes toxins and fat out of the body but it keeps you hydrated so you can enjoy the vacation to the max.

Any other tips for upping our body confidence?
Body confidence comes from the inside. Start by moving your body with exercise. It allows you to clear your head, pump oxygen into your body and brings up your mood, all while helping to burn fat. Exercise is the best uninterrupted form of “me-time” to reboot and remind yourself how fabulous and capable you are. I also believe in positive affirmations. Leave a post-it on your mirror giving yourself a beautiful compliment as you get dressed each morning. It will start the day right.

Fabulous! Find out more about the Bikini Cleanse here! And as a special treat for FFF readers, Pollard is offering 15% off when you use the code BCFFF15! Happy vacationing!

xx, The FabFitFun Team