Since the beginning of time people have thought of ways to say they’re having sex without saying they’re having sex. Some terms seem more reasonable or medically inspired. While others are downright hilarious.

If you and your partner don’t already have a fun phrase for getting it on, we encourage you to make one up! It can be cute, crazy, or bizarre as long as its yours. Can’t think of one? These phrases might help, or at least just make you LOL.

*Disclaimer: These terms are NSFW. We repeat, do not tell your boss to kiss your labonza!*

A Bit of Cauliflower – British word for copulation inspired by the food metaphor used to describe the Vulva.

Off Duty – Referring to a woman who is menstruating and not going to partake in intercourse during that time.

Okra and Prunes – The male reproductive anatomy.

Raking The Leaves – Metaphor for female masturbation.

Keyhole Whistler – Man or woman who performs oral sex.

Zeppelins – Large female breasts.

Catting On – To have an affair.

Have a Box Lunch – Performing oral sex on a woman.

Labonza – The butt.

Nob a Job – Perform fellatio on a man.

xx, The FabFitFun Team