We all have our tricks to look thinner – wearing oversized dark clothes, sucking in our cheeks (front and back), and always standing next to our Aunt Gertrude who has an uncanny resemblance to Jabba the Hutt. However, nothing beats exercise (darn it).

Getting into great shape takes more than a simple click of a button. However, these high-tech, cutting-edge new gadgets are making it easier for people to shed the pounds – one not-so-magical button at a time!

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker: Simply clip this little gadget onto your clothing and the accelerometer will track your calories burned, steps taken, and distance covered throughout your day. The Fitbit transmits data wirelessly to its website where you can view your daily movement and activity stats. You can set up goals, track progress and the Fitbit will even report on your quality of sleep. We love the Fitbit, but we do have one word of caution – read this article before wearing your Fitbit to bed!

Elliptigo 8C: You love running but hate what it does to your knees. You love the joint-saving elliptical but hate seeing that guy in spandex shorts at the gym. If only there was a way to fix this conundrum! Enter the Elliptigo, basically an elliptical machine on wheels! The high performance fitness device combines the best of running, cycling and the indoor elliptical trainer to provide a calorie-burning, low-impact outdoor exercise experience. Best of all, it’s really fun!

Kinect for XBox 360: We’ve been loving all the fab new fitness video games for a while, but the Kinect for XBox 360 takes exercise gaming to a whole new level! This controller-free super sensitive sensor sits on top of your TV and tracks your body movements with precision as you dance, shake, jump and throw your way to fitness.

FitDesk: You are a multi-tasking maniac. You read the paper as you make breakfast. You burn calories by walking your dog. You wash your clothes while taking a shower. And now you can surf the web while riding your bike, without crashing into a tree. The FitDesk is an exercise bike with a built-in laptop stand. The bike is surprisingly comfortable and we love giving you any added opportunity to catch up on your FFF reading!

Now if there was just a button to make us rich and famous. And no, we’re not talking about a sex tape button.

xx, The FabFitFun Team