If your Valentine’s Day is interchangeable with Singles Awareness Day, your plans for February 14 just got a whole lot better. This year, FabFitFun has put together your perfect girls-only celebration to toast to not catching the feels.

We’ve got you covered when throwing anything but a pity party this year…because, c’mon — not having to call someone “bae” is always something worth celebrating. So this Valentine’s Day, show the love for your number ones, your ride or dies, or as Carrie Bradshaw put it, your true “soul mates.”

It’s time to call up all your single ladiez and stick it to the man Cupid. This year, enjoy taking back the day of love by hosting your one-of-a-kind party that is sure to make your guests’ hearts flutter. Here’s to dodging Cupid’s arrows!

1. Make a love potion.
This is for all you rebellious ladies not drinking the Kool-Aid and posting engagement pics that spam news feeds. If you can’t shoot love straight, try cheers-ing with this perfect, flirty cocktail.

2. Secret Admirer Gift Exchange.
Yes, we know. You and your bad b*tches are totally independent, but that doesn’t mean a little spoiling here and there isn’t necessary. Ask your guests to bring a delicious bottle of wine or a luxurious candle to exchange during a game of Secret Admirer.


  • Set a standard price range and ask guests to bring their choice of wine or candle.
  • Organize gifts in a central location and have each player choose a number from a bowl.
  • Starting with whomever drew #1, allow them to pick their gift.
  • After the player opens a wrapped gift, the turn ends. On subsequent turns, each player may open a new present or enjoy the choice to “steal” another person’s gift.
  • If a person’s gift is stolen, that person can either choose another wrapped gift to open or can steal from another player.
  • The game is over when the last person goes.

3. Ex-Bash Piñata.
There’s no such thing as a bad date, just a good story. So this year, make your horror love stories worth it. Have guests bring a bag of their favorite chocolate to fill the Ex-Bash Piñata. After the Love Potion starts working its magic, take turns sharing your favorite worst dating story and earn a whack at the piñata.

xx, The FabFitFun Team