Halloween: a day when women everywhere get to show off how much of an amazing job they did on making a costume entirely of exotic finds from the fabric store; a day when dressing a little sexily isn’t frowned upon—heck, it’s even encouraged!

With the holiday less than a week away, it’s time to prep for your itty-bitty costume. And we’re here to give you the secret tips that’ll instantly lean you out before an important day!

We spoke with super fit and inspiring trainer Shannon Nadj, founder of LA’s hottest new Pilates studio (literally) called Hot Pilates, who gave us essential tips and tricks on how to look good before an important day.

Here’s what the instructor had to say:

1. Sweat! When training clients, I always encourage them to get in a good sweat the day of any event – be it hot Pilates, hot yoga, a steamy spin class, etc. This helps you detox, shed excess water weight, stimulate circulation (giving a rosy complexion), energize, and release endorphins. The result? Hot, happy, and confident!

2. Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important. I always throw in a green juice (I love the Field of Greens at Juice Served Here) every morning when leading up to a big event. This helps me get hydrated, is a detoxifier, keeps me alkaline, and helps inform the rest of my day’s meal choices. When I start my day with a green juice, I tend to make healthier choices.

3. Strengthen the core. I always tell my clients, when you have a strong core, everything else falls into place. In the days leading up to a big event (be it Halloween, a wedding, a red carpet, etc.) make sure to keep your core top of mind. Here are a few reminders to help you strengthen all day long:

– While sitting at your desk, practice keeping your bellybutton pulled into your spine and make sure to maintain good posture, keeping your shoulders back and down.
– While stuck in traffic, hold the steering wheel with both hands as if you were holding a magic circle. Keep your shoulders square, back, and down. Practice scooping your belly button in so that you’re contracted. If you just so happen to be in rush hour, you’ll really feel the benefits.

There you have it ladies: eat clean, train mean, look lean. Happy Halloween!

xx, The FabFitFun Team