Are you amazing at multi-tasking? Then you’re going to love this workout! Catch up on this week’s episode, The Candidate, and fit in a workout at the same time. Grab your workout gear, grab some water, and hit play to get started!

When Cyrus Gets Emotional = Move Through a Sun Salutation Sequence
Cyrus is feeling a little left out. Fitz ignores or overrules everything that Cyrus says. Cyrus doesn’t want Fitz to do an interview. Denied. Cyrus wants Fitz to do something important with the remaining months of his Presidency. Denied. Cyrus runs into Mellie, sees some potential, and makes his bid to run her campaign. Denied. Poor Cyrus.

Every Time Olivia and Mellie Fight = 10 Jumping Jacks
Be prepared for some cardio! Mellie and Olivia are working on Mellie’s book and chaos ensues. Olivia instructs Mellie to write about why Mellie stayed with Fitz. They fight about Mellie’s excuses. They fight about Olivia’s relationship with Fitz. They fight about why Olivia left Fitz. They find a way to work it out, though. After some of Mellie’s famous hooch, they figure out exactly what to write in Mellie’s book to make Mellie a woman that people will vote for.

When Things Get Steamy Between Jake and Olivia = 10 Burpees
Sadly, there’s only one Jake and Olivia scene. Jake shows up at Liv’s door and she silently disrobes and walks into the bedroom. Afterwards, Olivia declares this will never happen again. Jake says it will. On the upside, this means you’ll only have to do one set of the dreaded burpees!

When Susan Ross Does or Says Something Awkward = 5 Sets of Lunges (right and left side)
This is inevitable right? Susan is adorably tongue-tied when David appears in her office. She then shuts down David Rosen’s dating game by saying she’s already been everywhere he asks her for dinner. Then, during her investigation into running for President, she compares the process to dating, and she wants to date America.

When Anyone Gets Asked on a Date = Hold Downward Dog for 6 Breaths
Elizabeth wants to have some power again, so she wants to convince Susan Ross to run in the next election. When Susan says no, Elizabeth forces David Rosen to ask out Susan on a date so he can convince Susan to pursue the Oval Office. The next dinner invitation comes from Fitz after the journalist who is interviewing him admits to having a major crush on the President. A new couple is in the works.

Every Time David Rosen Kisses Someone = Hold Plank for 10 seconds
If plank is your worst enemy, don’t worry, a Rosen makeout sesh only happens twice this episode. His first liplock with Susan after reveals that she knows she’s only Vice President so Mellie can crush her in the race for President. David’s second kissing scene takes place with Elizabeth after she reveals that David actually did convince Susan Ross to investigate running for President.

Cyrus Tells a Big Fat Lie = Rest in Child’s Pose
According to Cyrus, his cousin has recently died and he needs to attend the funeral. Cyrus actually tells Fitz this after waking up Fitz in the middle of the night. It’s actually a little creepy. Surprise, there’s no funeral. Cyrus shows up at a town hall style Q&A to watch the candidate that he has his eye on to win the White House.

xx, The FabFitFun Team