We’ve all heard of P.D.A. (and maybe even indulged a little in a moment of weakness), but there’s a new phenomenon gripping the nation that is far, far more annoying: P.D.I. Yep, with the US experiencing its earliest flu season in nearly 10 years, Public Displays of Infection are at an all-time high.

That’s right, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s *cough cough* cold and flu season. And as everyone knows, having a cold or the flu can turn a time full of cheer into the most miserable time of the year.

With all the shopping, parties, and hustle and bustle, you’re sure to be exposed. Just a few months into the 2012-2013 cold and flu season, and nearly 18.2 million US adults have already experienced symptoms. Scary, right? What’s even scarier, is on average there are more than one billion cases of the common cold each year. Most adults (not just those people who act like adults) are likely to have a cold 2-4 times a year and up to 50% of folks who have cold will have a cough. That’s certainly a P.D.A. killer!

Well, we have bought way too many cute party dresses to let them go to waste as we stay at home nursing a cough, cold or the flu. This is why one of our favorite new tools is Robitussin’s COUGHCAST™! The interactive tool allows you to track cough levels in your area to prepare for and effectively treat symptoms so you can still be the belle of the ball!

Think you’re coming down with something? Robitussin is our go-to when it comes to getting and staying healthy. And with so much to do, Robitussin’s Cough + Chest Congestion DM Max gets the job done without making you want to sleep the day away. Twice the strength of normal medications, it helps you control and relieve your cough so you don’t become the next victim of the dreaded P.D.I.!

Did you know that a person’s cough leaves the body at 100 mph? That’s nearly twice as fast as a cheetah, more than four times quicker than the fastest man in the world and certainly faster than most women can run in our heels (that so nicely match our cute party dresses!).

Check out the Robitussin Coughcast levels in your area here. Also be sure to get the right treatments to keep you on your feet! Robitussin effectively treats cough, cold and flu symptoms through different formulations that are tailored to fit different symptoms combinations. Some of their formulations even have both an expectorant and cough suppressant – this helps keep mucus secretions (yuck!) easily expelled while the cough suppressant helps get the cough under greater control. This way *cough cough* we don’t have to suffer the consequences of cough (or the COUGHEQUENCES™) of missing out on our favorite winter activities!

xx, The FabFitFun Team