We’ve all heard about the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. What happens when you’re not in any form of an abusive relationship, but yours isn’t making you the best version of you? At what point do you realize this isn’t the way things should be?

Sometimes we never realize this. Other times we get out of one relationship and into another and we realize how great things can be. It puts things into perspective as to how unhealthy your former relationship was.

Here are five signs that you’re in an unhealthy relationship that may not be so obvious to the naked eye.

1. Jealousy. Most of us have felt a tinge of jealousy or a whole lot of it at some point or another in our life, but it shouldn’t be something that haunts our daily interactions. Men and women are likely to be attracted to people outside of their relationships, but it doesn’t mean that it goes beyond that. If you feel that pang in your stomach when a pretty girl walks by, nervous about what is running through your boyfriend’s mind, run for the hills. This is not how we should feel. It’s important to be confident enough in yourself not to have those worries.

2. Lack of trust. Has your boyfriend ever gone out for a guys’ night? Sure he has! How did you feel about it? Worried about what he might do? Concerned about what’s happening when you’re not around? Not a good sign. When you’re in a healthy relationship, these things shouldn’t be a concern, because you know he would never do anything. Why? Because you trust him.

3. Obsession. Ever felt those crazy butterflies? The kind that come when he calls? The kind that come when you see his face? Most of us can say yes to this rather easily. Now have you ever felt the pain in your gut when he doesn’t call? Or when he’s not around? Or when you’re doing anything that doesn’t involve him? Get a grip, girl! Do things that you love! Have a number of hobbies outside your relationship, hang out with your friends, and pursue your passions. Trust us, it’s best to channel your energy into a number of other things than just your relationship

4. Conformation. He says he loves cult classics, and you take interest. He talks about his favorite books, and you read them. Of course, these things are normal in relationships. But what about when he makes a comment about how another girl looks, and instantly you think you should look more like her. He remarks that he loves her red lipstick, and you start to wear it. Confidence is key. He’s dating you for you, so remember that. You shouldn’t be striving to be anyone other than who you are.

5. Isolation. You always had a wonderful relationship with your family and your friends, always one to be open and honest. Although our relationships with others are likely to shift when we are in a relationship, they shouldn’t become obsolete. Losing sight of those who have always loved you and have always been there for you is a significant sign of an unhealthy relationship. Solely maintaining a relationship with your significant other is isolating and polarizing.

xx, The FabFitFun Team